Angelina Kariakina

Angelina Kariakina, Head of News of the Ukrainian public broadcaster UA:PBC, speaks about the daily challenge of reporting and living through the war in Ukraine. It is a constant challenge - a new normal - where anywhere in the country can potentially be that day’s frontline. A time when news is as much about telling people how they can stay safe - as it is covering the war on the ground. Angelina joined the Public Broadcasting Company of Ukraine in spring 2020, she became Head of News in 2021. She started her career a correspondent and editor in print media. In 2011, she joined the Euronews Kyiv bureau to cover Ukrainian political and social affairs - including the Maidan protests and Russian aggression in Eastern Ukraine. Angelina went on to joined Hromadske TV in 2015 as a journalist and presenter, before going on to become editor-in-chief - she received an award for investigative journalism. In March 2020, Kariakina co-founded the Public Interest Journalism Lab. Kariakina is contributing to the Lab's "The Reckoning Project: Evidence and Testimony from Ukraine" documenting war crimes.

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